Go Walk Pedometer App Reviews

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Total Garbage

Doesn't work as advertised. Doesn't have settings. Total rip off. DO NOT BUY.

Complete crap.

This app has a nice skin, but it does not work. Does not accurately record steps at all. Struggled with it for about 3 months hoping they'd release an update, since it clearly doesn't function. None came. Total shovel ware and dev not interested in fixing what's broken. Any positive reviews are simply ahold and friends of the dev.

go walk is horrible-does not work as stated worst apple product i ever bought

go walk is horrible does not work as stated worst product i ever bought from apple

The worst ever seen.

I'm so disappointed. I need my refund so I can buy a better apps.

Not worth the price

It does not measure steps accurately. I tested all 3 levels of sensitivity. One other reviewer stated he could use other apps while using this one, not correct. If you leave the app it stops and you have to start it again.It lacks a distance feature, which would be nice. This was not money well spent. I tried to get support but no luck.

brilliant app. highly recommended!

i have to say this is such a great app. very user-friendly design. and it DOES count correct steps. The recording function also works automatically. absolutely Value for money! Thanks!

Great, Simple, but where's the Reset?

This is actually a great tool. It works well and continues working when you go to another app, but is there a reset button? Having an accumulative count is wonderful, but at some time, a reset to zero will be necessary.

Can I Have a Refund Please?

Well I walked 10 steps and it recorded 1step. Then walked another 10 and it went up to 3 steps recorded. It just does not seem to work at all. I went to the App support site but there is nothing there except a list of the developer's other apps. Is it true that you cannot get a refund on an app??? Yikes!

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